5 Things to do when you are sick of your synths

Yes, it can happen: You get up in the morning and don’t switch your synths on before grabbing your first cup of coffee. It is because you are sick, frustrated, fed up with your synths or you just don’t feel that creative vibe.

This is normal. Here are five things you can do.

Accept it

It is perfectly normal if you have days, even weeks without any urge to play your synths. Don’t be frustrated even if you spent lots of money for equipment that will collect dust for the next days, weeks or months.

Give yourself a break

The most important thing is not to push yourself. Yes you paid a lot of money for your synthesizers and you feel obligated to use them. Also you are an artist, right? Right? And what is left of an artist without his instruments? Nothing. Ok, yes, you still breathe, eat, drink, work and feel. So there is a lot left.

If the synths are still staring at you, giving you a bad conscience – put them into their boxes and put them on the shelf. That will teach them!

Do something else

That is not easy. But you should do something else. It helps you to get rid of all that frustration and replenishes your creativity. Usually I need one week to get bored with other stuff to return to my synths. Sometimes I just need a few days doing nothing.

Learn a new instrument

This is what I did. Frustrated by my lack of creativity I bought an electric guitar. And I am ready for some campfire style music! Lady in Black, here I come.

Use the synths in other ways

This is for the time when you feel the first glance of creativity crawling back. This is the time to leave your paths. Do something else with your synths. If you are an ambient musician, play some techno (or at least what you think techno would sound like).

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