Atmosphere Cloud Reverb – nice little reverb with big sound

The Atmosphere Cloud Reverb is an AU effect for iOS. I bought it right after release for € 6,99 ($5,99) and loved it right away.

The plugin adds a big and very lush reverb to my ambient projects on iPhone and iPad.

My test setup was:

  • Xythesizr als sequencer
  • Audiokit Retro Piano as sound source
  • AUM as mixer
  • AUFX:DUB as delay

Testing the Atmosphere Cloud Reverb

I like the Retro Piano for its saturated piano sound, added some delay – maybe too much and started turning knobs. The interface is clean and easy to use even on the iPhone because all knobs are placed with enough space in between.

My only problem was to see the percentage numbers above each knob while turning them. My finger is too big for that. Maybe it would be an idea to display the values in a status bar below the effect UX.

These are the parameters for Atmosphere Cloud Reverb:

  • decay time reaches from .8 to 50s – enough for some big ambient sounds. Somewhat around 4s is a good starting point for ambient patches that leave room for the original instrument.
  • wet mix tunes in the reverb.
  • mod adds some stereo movement and modulation in the later reverb stages and adds some nice feeling. I won’t recommend to turn it up to 100% because this causes a had left-right stereo effect. Try it somewhere around 70%.
  • diffusion sets the density of early echos. Turning it up smoothens the reverb. I like it a bit grainy so maybe a good starting point should be around 30%. At 100% it is going quite cheesy.
  • low end ducks or emphasizes low frequencies in the wet signal.
  • high cut removes high frequencies from the wet signal.
  • onset time fades in the wet signal instead of holding it back like the predelay parameter in other delays does. This sounds quite nice with a shorter decay time and a not too wet reverb.

I have fun playing around with the parameters. However I have to resist the ambient urge to max decay, diffusion and mod.

Atmosphere Cloud Reverb is in my opinion a good plugin for the price and will be my standard reverb whenever I use my iPhone or iPad for creating ambient sound.

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