7 lame excuses for buying new Synth gear

Here are seven lame excuses for buying new music gear.


Last year a new version of Phaseplant came out with exciting new features. I found it hard not to buy another soft synth just because I didn’t want to miss out.

Classic FOMO – fear of missing out. This fear is also fuelled by low entry prices – I may never see this synth again at this price. So I have to buy it! I didn’t. Phew. But maybe I should reconsider…

It is for the kids

“I’m not buying the instruments for myself – they’re for my daughter. She can always use my instruments and learn.” Yes. As if.

We want to learn

OK, so that might not be an excuse. I bought a guitar to learn how to play. And a bass. But why do I have a second guitar?

Because he has one

Yep, this is the most rational reason: I saw John Lennon play this hollowbody guitar. I had to get one because I wanted to play as well as he did. And this guitar is red. I love red. Yeah, still not playing like John.

The eternal quest for the perfect sound

Yes. Everyone knows that all you need for the perfect sound is a little Valhalla Shimmer.

Market overview

“I need to know what is going on in the synth market.” Come on, read the news, look at Loopop or go to your local synth shop. There is no need to buy.


Of course – a new synth is a big investment. But don’t expect to sell your synth for more than you paid for it. Just because some 70s Moogs are priced beyond reason, your 2019 OP-1 won’t make you a fortune.


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