Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start, receive clock

As soon as your DAW sends a MIDI start, the sequencer in the Mother-32 will start. This is a quite annoying behavior. But with firmware 2.0 you can solve the problem.

Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start

This is how you set the option to ignore MIDI start on Mother-32.

  1. First you need firmware 2.0 for your Mother-32.
  2. Press and hold the keys RESET – SHIFT – SET END – 8.
  3. Your mother is in parameter mode. The LED panel below OCTAVE/LOCATION shows the parameter set.
  4. Choose parameter set 8 by pressing (STEP) until you see LED 8 lit in yellow.
  5. Check now for LED 2. It should be green.
  6. Press 2. LED 2 should go off.
  7. Now Mother-32 ignores any MIDI start.
  8. Press and hold the keys RESET – SHIFT – SET END – 8 to save the options.


2 thoughts on “Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start, receive clock”

  1. ok I set Logic X not to start the pattern on M-32.
    What if I have DAFM connected to the M-32?
    Is it possible in such a situation to set DAFM to start when it is connected (M-32 Asign to DFAM ADV / CLOCK)?

  2. Don’t have a DFAM here. But I would try to use Logic for the clock starting the DFAM and set Mother to ignore the start. By using a filter you can blend in the DFAM. Could that work for you?


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