Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start, receive clock

As soon as your DAW sends a MIDI start, the sequencer in the Mother-32 will start. This is a quite annoying behavior. But with firmware 2.0 you can solve the problem.

Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start

This is how you set the option to ignore MIDI start on Mother-32.

  1. First you need firmware 2.0 for your Mother-32.
  2. Press and hold the keys RESET – SHIFT – SET END – 8.
  3. Your mother is in parameter mode. The LED panel below OCTAVE/LOCATION shows the parameter set.
  4. Choose parameter set 8 by pressing (STEP) until you see LED 8 lit in yellow.
  5. Check now for LED 2. It should be green.
  6. Press 2. LED 2 should go off.
  7. Now Mother-32 ignores any MIDI start.
  8. Press and hold the keys RESET – SHIFT – SET END – 8 to save the options.


7 thoughts on “Moog Mother-32: Ignore MIDI start, receive clock”

  1. ok I set Logic X not to start the pattern on M-32.
    What if I have DAFM connected to the M-32?
    Is it possible in such a situation to set DAFM to start when it is connected (M-32 Asign to DFAM ADV / CLOCK)?

  2. Don’t have a DFAM here. But I would try to use Logic for the clock starting the DFAM and set Mother to ignore the start. By using a filter you can blend in the DFAM. Could that work for you?

  3. I followed the procedure to install M32 firmware 2.0 and although the correct LEDs flashed when I deleted the old firmware, when I try to install the new one the midi in flashes briefly then the tempo/gate light flashes red/green but it doesn’t go through the start up lighting display. Now I can’t get any sound out of the M32 apart from a steady ticking, sequencer doesn’t work, nada. I’ve tried this several times, tried restoring to defaults, used different midi cables, still nada. Anyone have any thoughts?

  4. In case anyone has the same problem as I did with the Firmware 2.0 update not completing properly and the M32 going dead apart from an ominous ticking….simply slow the transfer speed in Sysex Librarian to 30% and repeat the process.

  5. Thank you so much! Finally I can use the Mother32 as a normal External Instrument in Ableton 🙂 Also was not aware that you can flash Firmware upgrade through MIDI 😀 neat idea.


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