Mrs Marbles – Patch Notes

In this patch I wanted to check out Mutable Instruments Marbles for modulating Mother and Magneto. Up till now I had used Marbles to create quantized CVs for my VCOs. But then I switched to sequencers (either via MIDI or the internal Mother sequencer) and didn’t use Marbles for some time. Now it is time to restart.

Cable Connections for the patch

  • Marbles t1 -> Magneto Shift
  • Marbles t3 -> Magneto play direction
  • Marbles X1 -> Mother VCF Res
  • Marbles X2 -> Magneto Wet
  • Marbles X3 -> Mother VCF Cutoff
  • Magneto Clk1 out -> Marbles Clock (t on the left)
  • Magneto Clk2 out -> Marbles Clock (X on the right)
  • Mother-32 VCA -> Magneto Left In
  • A-190-4 Clock -> Magneto Clock In
  • Mother receives Notes via Midi from my DAW
strymon Magneto
These are the knob positions on the strymon Magneto.
These are the knob positions on the Mother 32.
Mutable Instruments Marbles
These are the knob positions on Marbles (Spread should be at 11 am, Bias at 5 pm).

In the DAW

This is the first patch using two reverbs with a distortion as insert. Both reverbs and the distortion are in one send channel.

I used:

  • Raum Reverb
  • Logic Pro stock Distortion II module
  • Valhalla Shimmer

The Eurorack input is panned with Pancake 2 by Cable Guys.

Recording and mixing

The record was a one take. The only thing I did afterwards was to EQ the channels and add some compression. Also I used automation to change the level of reverb by bringing up or down the reverb channel. I actually like that because it reveals some of the original sound from time to time.

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