Stretch MIDI sequence in Logic Pro X

This is how you can stretch a whole MIDI sequence in Logic Pro X.

  1. Record some notes with your favorite instrument.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the lower right end of your sequence. The cursor changes into a bracket with arrows to the left and right.
  3. Hold down the option key and drag the sequence to the right.
  4. The sequence and all embedded notes will stretch.
  5. Enjoy 🙂
Stretch MIDI Sequence in Logic Pro X
Press the option key to stretch the MIDI sequence.

Why stretch a MIDI sequence in Logic Pro X

  • I like playing around in a key and to record everything – regardless of timing and rhythm.
  • Usually my recordings are too fast.
  • When I find a nice and suitable sequence for ambient sounds, I will cut it out to a new sequence and stretch that for long sustain and slow tempo.

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