Tascam 424 MkIII and Arturia Pigments – Flute Loops – Patch Notes

I hate that sound of a flute. At least I thought so until I grabbed my daughters flute and sampled some notes. Out came OP-1 Ambient Flute – Patch Notes for Bügelwäsche and this tape loop production on the Tascam 424 Mk II.

Here is how I sat up the track

  1. Sampled a Flute from C to B to my DAW. Used the Tascam 424MkII as Preamp.
  2. Recorded the samples for C, D, E and F to each the four tracks of my Tape Loop.
  3. Added the Zoom MS-70CDR as send effect on my Tascam with some delay and reverb.
  4. Loaded the C note sample into Arturia Pigments. Activated granular mode for a bit more texture. This is my lead instrument.
  5. Seqeuncing Pigments with Stochas, a magnificent free sequencer for controlled randomness.
  6. Some bass notes are coming from Pigments as well.
  7. Added Native Instruments Raum Reverb as send effect.
  8. Also put some distortion after Raum.
  9. Added Valhalla Shimmer. Shimmer has only 7% in the mix, just wanted it to sparkle a tiny bit.

My Flute Samples for download on Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wzClVsBXXSHn9EmqmSO26nQojIm0I75H/view?usp=sharing.


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