Why I like Software Synthesizers

So, why do people love those soft synths?

I collected some pros for softsynths from comments to my GAS problem video and added a few of my own points of view.

Why do I like Software Synths

Software synths do not need space. All you need is a computer, a pair of speakers, and – maybe a MIDI keyboard. That being said: Piling up soft synths on your computer’s SSD could also become a problem.

You can take soft synths anywhere your Computer can go. I do quite some business trips throughout the year. And I enjoy having some music with me. (Ok, sometimes I prefer just the OP-1).

Soft synths are less expensive – with a few exceptions. Also, there are some nice free soft synths to start with. Check out VCV rack which is a great start into modular or the wavetable powerhouse Vital.

If you decide to get a softsynth you do not have to wait for it to be delivered. You can download it instantly.

Soft synths can do anything – Virtual analog, Wavetables, FM, Granular, you name it. And they sound pretty fine to me.

That being said: If you don’t like the emulated analog sound, tweak it a little more or use a hardware analog synth. It is your decision.

Soft synths run on the tiniest devices – use your phone to make music.

Soft synths offer so much choice with presets and tons of modulation.

(Of course, that preset thing is only valid if you want to work with presets. Your decision.)

My favorite workflow is to combine the power of hardware with software. For example, creating a Wavetable on Vital with my Furthrrrr Generator.

Last point – but that is a completely subjective one: I tend to get quicker results with a soft synth. Its integration into my DAW helps me get things done. But that is only my experience. A good hardware setup surely is as quick as a DAW and software.

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